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Our Clientele

Our clientele is quite diverse. Having said that, all of our clients have the following characteristics in common:

  • They are all successful individuals;
  • Typically, they already have very competent advisors in the areas of tax reduction, accounting, legal, estate planning, insurance and investments;
  • They have done some level of financial planning;
  • The planning they have done or the strategies they have implemented have been done with different people at different times with themselves as the facilitator or coordinator;
  • Almost all of their financial planning has been transaction oriented, i.e., "you really need…" as opposed to a more consultative process, i.e., "based on the analysis, your goals, values and important life considerations, the appropriate strategy or strategies for you are …"

Once our clients start working with us, we are able to fully identify coordination gaps with their existing financial planning and opportunities to improve upon their planning, thereby, turning their financial planning into a cohesive set of Wealth Management Strategies. Working with our team in the role of coordinator, advocate and facilitator allows our clients to close any coordination gaps that exist and to take advantage of financial planning opportunities relevant to their unique set of circumstances. Our analysis and work have saved our clients a substantial amount of money. The resources that are saved accrete to the Family Independence for generations to come. (actual results will depend on your situation and the nature of our engagement).

Whether our Family Independence Strategiessm or our Business Independence Strategiessm approach is employed, our clients fall into one of four groups:

  • Business Owners
  • Executives
  • Professionals
  • Retirees

We look forward to talking with you - our initial conversation allows us the opportunity to gather some preliminary detail with regard to your family's unique set of circumstances. We will ask you a number of questions and we also encourage you to ask us questions. Through this give and take exchange, we are able to determine if what we do can add value to your financial planning - financial and otherwise. We seek engagements each year with a limited number of families. Accordingly, it is important to determine what value we can deliver. Our initial conversation is complementary. Subsequent to that meeting, if we all agree that our services can provide specific value, we will agree upon an engagement fee that is fair to all parties.

We invite your inquires.