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Integrity and Ethics

We are committed to assist clients in identification of financial objectives. We, in partnership with clients, will develop a financial plan that is appropriate to help meet those objectives within the context of Sagemark's serve first philosophy. In so doing, staff and financial planners will adhere to the highest ethical standards that will promote long-term client relationships and the growth of financial planners and the organization

Financial Planning

Our commitment is to prospect for successful clients who shall be receptive to our financial planning process. When the contract has been made and a willingness to proceed has been established, we will obtain objective and subjective data from the client. We will initiate our cycle of operations resulting in a finished documented financial plan which determines steps needed to be taken to help towards accomplishing client objectives in the most appropriate manner and timeframe, always with the focus of long-term accomplishment versus short-term goals.

Attitude and Loyalty

We believe that in order for our producers to attain their professional and personal goals, we must strike a balance between their family, business and spiritual lives. History has proven that producers, who maintain a positive attitude and loyalty toward their clients and the agency, experience the highest levels of success and accomplishment. History also has proven that a positive culture will give a new producer the greatest chance for success. We are committed in providing the atmosphere for the benefit of experienced producers, inexperienced producers, staff, and clientele.


To instill an image and name recognition within our marketplace and our industry that Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp. is, a premier provider of comprehensive financial planning services. This is achieved through a prestigious physical environment and the high level of technical sophistication, advisor competence, and professionalism.

Business Philosophy -- "Service First"

We endeavor to build a multi-talented team for the delivery of comprehensive financial planning services to goal-oriented individuals.

Our process is based on extensive client consultation and feedback. Careful analysis and planning will result in models that reflect our clients' financial goals and desires.